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Cha Gio

From the forbidden purple city on the perfume river, minced pork, crab and shrimp, wrapped and fried in rice paper.

Mel Brown

5-spices and cider roasted pulled pork in a noodle with 'the works'.

Goi Tai

Fried dumplings, filled with spiced minced chicken and fresh sea scallops, in a spicy mango butter.

Hoi Ma Leang

P.E.I. mussels steamed in lemongrass, jalapeños, Thai basil, nam plaa with grilled naan.

Sotong Goreng Sama Rujak

Tapioca and garlic fried squid in roasted chili, lime and hoisin glaze with 'rujak' salad.

Udang Kacang

Peanut tempura jumbo tiger shrimp served on spicy Thai som tom salad.


Indian style gram flour fritters with sweet, spicy tamarind.


Som Tom

Classic spicy, salty, sour Northern Thai green papaya salad with krupuk.

Ma Muang

Classic spicy and sour Thai green mango salad.


Singapore style fruit and vegetable salad, sweet, sour and spicy tamarind dressing.


Quintessential Indonesian 'salad' of boiled potato, cabbage and seasonal veg with crispy tofu, egg and krupuk covered with spicy, warm peanut sauce.


Nuea Pad

Brady’s P.E.I. grass-fed, 40 day dry-aged, grilled 1lb ribeye with tempura onions, snakebeans and veggies, spicy Thai red coconut curry.

Bistik 'Tandoori'

Grilled angus beef tenderloin, taro mash, red onion pickle and Singapore style tandoori sauce.

Bakmie Goreng Di Bawah Bebek Bule

Muscovy duck magret roasted in ginger medium rare onto a wack of warung fried egg noodles with Chiang Mai curry.

Moo 'Brickman' Guay Toew

Award winning dark ale, hoisin and secret spices baked and grilled baby back pork ribs, fresh wide rice noodles, egg, veggies and house pickled jalapeños.

Ayam India

Tandoori spices roasted, sticky rice stuffed, grain fed Cornish hen, served with goat cheese artichoke casserole, chutney, pickle and fresh butter naan.

Laksa Bhima

Grilled tiger shrimp and fish, tempura sea scallop and mussels in a spicy coconut, kemiri, lemongrass, kunit daun jeruk, dill, served with jasmine rice.

Poo Lon Baru

Monkeyfish and lobster tail roasted in garlic and lemongrass butter over steamed mi xao noodle with lobster, coconut and Thai basil curry.

Pad Ped Surf and Turf

Beef tenderloin slivers and tiger shrimp jump fried with mushrooms, snake beans and selected vegetables and hopped up in a *&%$@!! hot Bhima's red curry.

Sayur Lodeh

Tempeh and vegetables in fresh turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, coconut curry with steamed jasmine rice.

Piring India

Steamed jasmine rice, pakora, pickles, Kasundi chutney, Tandoori curry vegetables and tofu.

Pad Guay Toew

Fresh wide rice noodle, fried with egg and vegetables, garnished with roasted nuts and tofu fritter.

Bakmie Goreng

A wack of warung fried egg noodles with pakora and Chiang Mai curry.


Pisang Goreng

Spice battered and fried bananas with ice cream and seasonal garnishes.

Warm White Chocolate Bread Pudding

From Commander’s Palace, served with ice cream and seasonal garnishes.

Crème Brûlée

Lime leaf crème brûlée with coconut black sticky rice in crispy rice paper cup.

Cake Maphrao

Smoked cheesecake with coconut threads and lime zest.


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