A note from one of our farmers!

Good Morning Chefs,

The year’s end has a way of instilling a retrospect attitude, especially as the demands of things like inventory for 50-plus crops (ugh), 9 months of overdue bookkeeping (UGH), and (happily), a painting commission deadline draws closer.

It has been a stellar year for us, by any measure. I had my first solo show in years at the Agora Gallery, and sold some of my newest pieces, establishing a new baseline price for my work. The fact that I was able to finish 5 paintings AND help manage the farm to it’s most productive year ever is an accomplishment I hope to repeat in the coming year. This could not have been done without the amazing growing season we had, in terms of rain (and no rain at the right times). I think I finally have a good soil management strategy that seems to be improving soil health and certainly maximizing yields. Next time you hear a nozzle head Monsanto minion proclaiming ‘there’s not enough land to feed the world organically’, send him to me and my farm’s record books. If we’re talking about ‘food’ such as potatoes, beans, squash, cabbage etc, as opposed to industrial manufacturing commodities such as corn and soybeans, there’s plenty of land, we just need to learn how to farm it sustainably.

But by far the most important element in our success this year, has been the core of our staff who stay with us year round, and work in sometimes abominable conditions to make sure your orders get filled, without a complaint. My partner Tina, and our managers Laura and Katrina, are all personally invested in the farm’s success, and consider themselves employees of your kitchens as well as our farm. I cannot speak highly enough of the dedication to producing good, clean, fair food, that they bring to the farm every day. These people account for most of the reason our farm achieved what it did this year, and their contributions are my prime motivation to keep farming the way we do. I am hopeful that we can build an even better farm, as long as we can keep these amazing individuals in our midst.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you for your dedication to what we do. Beyond your business patronage which keeps the bank at bay, the fact that you order from us every week, is an affirmation that you believe in the way we try to grow food. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the ‘out of the blue’ compliments we get from you about a particular order you really enjoyed working with. I share each and every one of them with my staff, and try to let them know they are a part of the success of your restaurants.

I wish you all continued success in your lives, and all the love and respect we can give you. Thank you from all of us at Soiled Reputation, for doing what you do, and making cherished memories around so may dinner tables.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Antony, Tina, and the staff at Soiled Reputation

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