Bhimas Front Door

Bhima's Warung unites decades of exploration of the unique flavours of Asian cuisine, and a long apprenticeship in the techniques of modern and classical French culinary art to create amazingly original food... and we've been doing it at 262 King Street North in Waterloo since 1994.

To adapt to the latest developments, we offer our takeout menu as well as our dining room.

We offer Gift Certificates! Send us an email with quantity and amount for each gift certificate and we can arrange payment. Please include your name and phone number in correspondence.

Bhima said "... I am skilled in culinary art, and I shall prepare curries for the king, and excelling all those skilful cooks that had hitherto dressed his food I shall gratify the monarch..."

nam prick kung ma muang green mango, hot smoked rainbow trout, grilled tiger shrimp and steamed egg make a hot sour and salty salad
***yam yai thai chef’s greens and seasonal vegetables in a watercress vinaigrette *** vegan option available
goi taiscallop and minced chicken dumpling with spicy mango butter
lamb nemsground lamb, vermicelli & green mango fried in rice paper with apple som tom and mint nam jim
oyster rockefellerraspberry point oysters baked with spinach, herbs and parmesan, finished in spicy thai red curry (priced individually)
***dom kacreamy thai coconut soup with hot smoked trout, roasted leeks & glass noodle, served with grilled buttered naan *** vegan option available
***yam ma muangclassic spicy and sour thai green mango salad *** vegan option available
bebek bule die bawah bakmie gorengmuscovy duck magret roasted in ginger medium rare onto of a wack of warung fried egg noodles, with the chiang mai curry
ayam india tandoori spices roasted, sticky rice stuffed, grain fed cornish hen, served with goats cheese-artichoke casserole, chutney, pickle, and fresh butter naan
***piring india steamed jasmine rice, pakora, pickles, kasundi chutney, and tandoori curry vegetables and tofu. ***vegan
*** pad guay toewfresh wide rice noodle, fried with egg and vegetables, garnished with roasted nuts and tofu fritter *** vegan option available
*** nasi goreng istimewa indonesian fried rice dish topped with sunny-side egg, peanut sauce, krupuk & other condiments *** vegan option available
***bakmie gorenga wack of warung fried egg noodles, with pakora and the chiang mai curry *** vegetarian
pad ped surf and turfbeef tenderloin slivers and tiger shrimp fried with mushrooms, snake beans and selected vegetables and hopped up in a *&%$@!! hot bhima’s red curry
green curry risottowith pan fried pickerel, tempura tiger shrimp & pei mussels
guay toew moo-poofried wide rice noodle with crab, egg, veggies & chinese sausage, garnished with pakora
massaman sapibison shortrib braised in an aromatic thai massaman curry, celeriac perkedel and fried apple eggplant
dark chocolate bread puddingserved warm with ice cream, caramels, crème anglaise & seasonal garnishes
banana bread french toastserved warm with ice cream, crème anglaise & seasonal garnishes
tiger beera light and hoppy lager from singapore, 500 ml can, 5%
singha beera light and malty lager from thailand, 330 ml bottle, 5%
welly collaborationa 4pack from wellington in guelph, featuring collaborations with ontario brewers: Wellington/Great Lakes - west coast pale ale (5.8%), Wellington/Muskoka - coffee cream ale (5.0%), Wellington/Cameron’s - kveik IPA (6.3%), Wellington/Nickel Brook - dry-hopped sour with blueberry and pear (4.8%). partial proceeds support, a group advocating on behalf of small businesses and workers in the hospitality industry. 4 x 473 ml cans.
tin roof merlotaward-winning california merlot, 2018, 750 ml
mcmanis chardonnaylightly oaked, california, 2019, 750 ml
heartland shirazlanghorne creek, australia, 2018, 750ml
acod riojawhite rioja, laguardia, spain, 2014, 750ml
lucciolaiocabernet sauvignon/sangiovese, toscana, italy, 2008, 750ml
château corbin bordeauxgrand cru classe, saint emillion, 2010, 750ml
cadence bel cantocabernet franc/merlot/petit verdot, cara mia vineyard, washington state, 2010, 750ml
cave spring sparklingriesling, brut, estate grown, beamsville bench, vqa, 2017, 750ml

*** can be prepared vegetarian

... the old wrestler turned to bhima, "you know, when you're eating you mustn't hear bad news, it spoils your appetite..." "my appetite is quite good. it will digest all news, good and bad."


WatercressA salad of artisan greens, bean sprouts, slivered long beans and fresh herbs in sweet-sour gula bali, lombok, lime and crunchy peanut dressing.
Green PapayaApple, ripe jackfruit, pineapple, and cashew salad in crisp rice paper cup.
PakorasWith ginger, plum sweet tamarind dip.
Goi CuonFresh home made bun noodle and seasonal vegetables wrapped in rice paper with vegetarian ‘nuoc cham’.
Tahu Gorengcrispy soft tofu with sweet soy, chili, peanut sauce on greens
Sayur LodehVegetable and tempeh in fresh turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, dll., indonesian coconut curry, served with steamed jasmine rice.
Bakmie GorengFresh egg noodles fried with Chiang Mai curry and tofu pakora.
Add a SideTaro mash. Yam fries. Goat cheese and bocconcini bake. Tempeh goreng. Celeryroot perkedel. Assorted fresh pickles.
Cahn Chua Tomsouthern vietnamese rendition of the sweet, sour, spicy soup with lemongrass grilled shrimps
Lon Kungdeveloped during the fifth and sixth reigns of the rama kings of siam, a recipe from krung thip; creamy, rich, salty, sour and touch sweet coconut and mince prawns served with raw vegetables
Sotong Goreng Sama Rujaktapioca and garlic fried squid in roasted chili, lime and hoisin glaze with 'rujak' salad
Cha Gio...and from the forbidden purple city on the perfume river, minced pork, crab and shrimp, wrapped and fried in rice paper
Mel Brown5-spices & cider roasted pulled pork in a noodle ‘with the works’
Hoi Ma Laengp.e.i. mussels steamed in lemongrass, jalapeños, thai basil, nam plaa…with grilled naan
Goi Taifried dumplings, filled with spiced minced chicken and fresh sea scallops, in spicy mango butter
Kaeng Samrokfreshly shucked oyster in a warm lemongrass, ginger, chili, and garlic sauce. the coastal cambodian concoction
Banh Baofoie gras potstickers, and peanut nam jim
Gado GadoA traditional Indonesian salad with potato, greens, pineapple, boiled then fried egg, and tofu in a rich peanut sauce.
Singapore Style RujakA fruit and vegetable salad dish in a spicy, salty, sweet and sour dressing.
Som TomA spicy, sour green papaya salad.
Silken TofuWith cucumber, ginger and mint.
Bistik Tandoorigrilled angus beef tenderloin, taro mash, red onion pickle, and singapore style tandoori sauce
Moo Brickmanaward winning dark ale-hoisin and secret spices baked and grilled baby back pork ribs
Biri Biri Berbedafresh local ontario rack of lamb roasted roasted with celeriac, almond perkedel, spicy tomato kasundi and cauliflower cashew salad
Nuea Ped 'Brady'ladies size (14oz.) of rob brady’s guaranteed dry aged angus rib eye beef, trimmed, massaged and rubbed…served on snake beans and mushrooms, with onion rings and smoking red curry….’like butter’
Nuea Ped 'Brady'mens size (18oz) of rob brady’s guaranteed dry aged angus rib eye beef, trimmed, massaged and rubbed…served on snake beans and mushrooms, with onion rings and smoking red curry….’like butter’
Poo Lon Barumonkeyfish and lobster tail roasted in garlic and lemongrass butter over steamed mi xao noodle with lobster, coconut and thai basil curry
Laksa Bhimagrilled tiger shrimp and fish, tempura sea scallop, and mussels in a spicy coconut, kemiri, lemongrass, kunyit daun jeruk, dll.., served with jasmine rice
Pisang GorengBananas coated in spice batter and crispy fried with vanilla ice cream and rum butter sauce.
A.B.C.Air Batu Campur (water rocks mixed) Malay-Singapore colourful fancy sundae of tropical fruits, Bhima's ice creams, natural jellies and syrups, red beans, sweet corn and nuts on shaved ice.
Fresh Jackfruit Semifreddo 'Kittichai'Frozen chiffon and fresh jackfruit on butterflypea flower crème anglaise with rice crumble.
Commander's Palace White Chocolate Bread PuddingWhite chocolate bread pudding served warm with dark chocolate ice cream.
Black Sticky Rice Creme BruleeSticky rice pudding with lime leaf brulee with praline.
Ice Creams and SorbetsMango sorbet. Ice creams: dark chocolate, cardamom & cinnamon, banana & bourbon, black sticky rice, thai basil & pandan.