Selamat Datang

Bhima's Warung unites decades of exploration of the unique flavours of Asian cuisine, and a long apprenticeship in the techniques of modern and classical French culinary art to create amazingly original food... and we've been doing it at 262 King Street North in Waterloo since 1994.

Current Menu

... then he went to the kitchen, the place he liked the most; being an expert cook himself Dhaumya knew the gargantuan appetite of Bhima and had kept a copious meal ready

cha gio ... and from the forbidden purple city on the perfume river, minced pork, crab and shrimp, wrapped and fried in rice paper. $16
soupy's oysters nobody loves these more than our neighbour soupy campbell! large fanny bay oyster topped with minced chicken, crab, glass noodles and fresh herbs, baked and covered in red curry @$8
cha siu bao slow roasted pork belly on steamed bao bun with shaved cabbage and herrles strawberry nuoc cham $19
cumi-cumi slow braised and charred octopus and sea scallop, peach and corn seviche with tempura pablano pepper $19
***gado-gado indonesian 'salad' of boiled potato, cabbage and seasonal beg with tofu, egg and krupuk covered with spicy warm peanut sauce $12
***som tom spicy, sour, salty northern thai green papaya salad $12

... the old wrestler turned to bhima, "you know, when you're eating you mustn't hear bad news, it spoils your appetite." "my appetite is quite good. it will digest all news, good and bad."

fish and chips rose fish (ocean perch) panned in panko and coconut and sauteed in butter. With lontong (compressed rice) fries and herrles fields dressed salad and green curry tartar sauce $39
***bakmie goreng di bawah bebek bule muscovy duck magret roasted in ginger medium rare onto a wack of warung fried egg noodles, with chiang mai curry $39
***nasi campur an indonesian classic! mixed plate of gulai ayam (curry chicken) rendang sapi (sumatran beef) sate lilit (minced fish and grated coconut on sugar cane) sambal buncis (spicy green beans) sambal hijau telur (green chili sambal and boiled egg) gulai nangka (jackfruit curry) and sambal tomat (tomato sambal). Served with steamed rice $46
***guay toew poo-moo fried rice noodle and crab, pork satays and peanut sauce $32
pad ped surf and turf beef tendrloin slivers and tiger shrimp jump fried with mushrooms, snake beans and selected vegetables and hopped up in a '#$%^%*!! hot bhima's curry $39
***nasi goreng Indonesian fried rice topped with egg $22

a.b.c. traditional and refreshing Asian 'sundae' seasonal sorbet and ice cream with saffron and butterfly pea flower pearls, syrups, beans, corn, nuts etc... $12.95

*** can be prepared vegetarian